Majority Designs direct mail team nominated for two national awards

Majority Designs direct mail team nominated for two national awards

Congratulations to our direct mail team for gaining recognition again by Campaigns & Elections magazine. Our team at Majority Designs was nominated for two Reed awards for direct mail.

Nominated in a broad and competitive category, County, Local and Judicial races was a mail piece entitled “Mountains and Molehills.” The Phil Lakin campaign for city council used satire to demonstrate that an opponent’s negative attack was “making a mountain out of a molehill.”

Lakin, a creative guy himself, came up with the concept. We just take credit for knowing a good idea when we hear one. There’s nothing like humor to respond to a negative attack in a contentious environment.

The second nomination was in the Best Non-U.S./International category for a mail piece in the race for Chief of the Cherokee Nation entitled “Don’t Divide Our Nation.” It was again a response to a negative campaign by the opponent.

A special thumbs up goes to our lead artist, Darrell Todd, who has been with our company 18 months. He takes our crazy ideas, and his artwork tells the story. We sure hope we win the trophies, but the nominations from the leading national magazine for campaigns is noteworthy.

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