Campaigns & Elections Features Trebor Worthen

Campaigns & Elections Features Trebor Worthen

Trebor Worthen is one of the few political operatives who can rightly boast that they have been helping win campaigns since the age of six. As a first grader when his father ran for a seat in the Oklahoma state House, young Trebor dutifully wore a “Vote for My Dad” T-shirt while campaigning door-to-door. His father won the election.

After finishing college in 2001, Worthen got his first paid political job with an Oklahoma state Senate campaign. Impressed by his work, the state Republican Party took him on as a field representative and rapidly promoted him to state political director.

In 2004, Worthen ran for the state House seat formerly held by his father—and won. While serving in the House, he launched Majority Designs, a direct mail consulting firm, with two of his campaign staffers. At the end of his second term in 2008, Worthen retired from his promising career as an elected official to become a full-time consultant.

“I just had to make a decision,” he says. “I couldn’t continue to split my time between things that deserve all my time and attention.”

Today, Worthen says that his most cherished campaign memory comes not from his own victories, but from the 2007 special election win he engineered for U.S. Rep. Bob Latta in northwest Ohio.

“That was the first campaign I had a significant role in, outside of Oklahoma, and it was a great experience,” he says. “Those few months that we spent literally working our tails off and sleeping on air mattresses in Bob’s old house are among my fondest campaign memories right there.”

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