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A Valentine’s Day Special Election

pollie.iconFrom the heart, this creative direct mail piece won a Silver Pollie for Special Election Direct Mail. The use of variable printing allowed the targeting of messages but also of unique personalized photographs across the small towns of the district.

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Valentines Day Special Edition

Best Get Out the Vote Strategy

pollie.iconThis get out the vote campaign was for the Re-elect Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett.

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Re-elect Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett

Best Use of Illustration Wins Gold

pollie.iconThis depiction of trial lawyer folly wins a rarely awarded Gold Pollie for the Best Use of Illustration by a Majority Designs artist.

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Best Illustration

Bilingual/Multilingual/Foreign Language

pollie.iconBeto will say anything, and he will it in either English or Spanish. Working in many Spanish-speaking communities, Majority Designs won a Bronze Pollie in 2013 for this bi-lingual piece. Our company has won national bi-lingual advertising awards written in both Spanish and Cherokee.

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McDugle Trial Lawyers Puppet

pollie.iconMajority Designs utilizes the nation’s best artists. In this piece, the artists has fun with the unique history of trial lawyers on the state’s political landscape. This piece received the Bronze Pollie for an Independent Expenditure campaign for the state Legislature.

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McDugle Trial Lawyers

Bartlett Utilizes Six Forms of Technology to Capture Victory

pollie.iconMajority Designs orchestrated an interactive campaign for Dewey Bartlet which leveraged new media and technology in conjunction with direct mail.

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Using Humor

pollie.iconPoking fun at the candidate’s unusual name helped to build name recognition and defeat a longtime incumbent.

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A Heart for Service Trumps the Outsider

pollie.iconBiographical mail tells a story and captures the heart while building your image and giving you depth with voters.

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heart triumps

Tough on Tuffy!

c.e.logoNominated for the Toughest Mail Piece in the 2013 C&E Reed Awards, this helped to show Tuffy Hamilton wasn’t tough enough for a Texas-size political brawl.

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Touch on Tuffy

A Clear Picture

reed.award-smPlenty of information can be helpful in a primary, but it’s still important to clearly show the big picture with simplicity. This was the 2013 Reed award for Best Direct Mail in a Republican Legislative Campaign.

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clear pictures

The Plumber and his Red Vans

c.e.logoThe Plumber and his Red Vans told the business success story of now U.S. Congressman Markwayne Mullin. This piece was a C&E finalist for the Best Direct Mail piece in a Republican congressional campaign.

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plumber and red vans


reed.award-smThis simple but dramatic mail piece in a tribal election won the C&E’s 2012 Reed award for Best Direct Mail in a Non U.S campaign.

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Responding With Comedy

reed.award-smThis direct mail piece won the prestigious 2012 Reed Award from Campaigns & Elections for Best Direct Mail in a Republican county, local & judicial campaign.

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Responding with Comedy